Exterior Painting

We use sherwin williams paints for all exterior painting unless customer desires something else,we can replace damaged wood,scrape,sand,prime,

caulk where needed and then apply 1 or 2 coats of paint if desired

Pressure Washing

Our home washing is designed to get off mold,mildew,dirt,dust,bugs,

cobwebs.it may not take off certain stains,we use a low pressure stream on the house & high pressure on your deck or cement,it usually takes about 

1 1/2-2 hours for a house wash

Interior Painting

We use top of the line paints from sherwin williams,valspar,behr,benjamin moore,we can spray brush and roll,it is a 2 coat system unless the same color is going to be applied or the customer wants something different

Color Consultation


Free estimates for any custom color project you desire!

Let us get your house clean,we do not use high pressure on your house unless needed,so we will not damage the siding,screens,or caulking so lets get the mildew and dirt off! Get  rid of the mol

Let us put some custom colors in your home,we will move all heavy furniture and do all prep work needed before putting the colors on your walls.


  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting
  • Almost-perfect color matching for exteriors (the sun makes it hard on us)
  • Color consultation 
  • Work with independent contractors
  • In-home free estimates
  • House wash
  • Deck wash
  • cement
  • Wood replacement



 Deck Staining or Sealing

We use sherwin Willams deckscapes for all solid stains ,we use olympic or CWF for all semi transparent stains or sealers,we spray ,brush,or roll when staining,we will shield the house so no over spray will get on it,we do a professional job on decks

Pressure Washing in Fredericksburg